It occurs to me that...

You might not need a blog.


There are plenty of folks ready to tell you that everybody needs a blog. Nonsense. Just like anything else in your communications armoury, you use a blog for a specific purpose – and, “Everyone else has got one,” is not a good enough reason.


Blogging costs you money that you could be investing somewhere else. So, you had better be confident that you are offering material that your audience wants to read.


Make it educational, or informative, telling folks something useful that they might not already know. Give them entertaining content. The blog might not have anything to do with whatever you want to sell, but keep bringing people back to the site and, sooner or later, they will browse.


Hang on, I hear you say. This chap ought to be selling me his writing services, but he’s telling me that I might not need the blog I was about to commission.


Of course.


I figure that being honest may give me a slight advantage over all those writers who would happily take the commission without warning you that you might be wasting your money.



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