20 useless facts


Colin has had one-to-one conversations with Pamela Anderson, Max Bygraves and the Duke of Edinburgh.


Colin knows the Morse code.


Colin has piloted a light aircraft, a narrowboat and a motorcycle, only falling off one of them.


Colin earned one of the UK’s first BSc (Hons) degrees in IT.


Colin knows pi to seven decimal places, but can’t remember why.


Colin is a member of the exclusive ‘Y Services’ branch of the Royal British Legion.


Colin’s childhood years were mostly spent in such places as Aden, Cyprus and Singapore.


Colin has grown prize-winning shallots.


Colin’s writing has been published under his own name in 30+ countries.


Colin has beaten a national champion at his own sport.


Colin once spent time in three different European capital cities between breakfast and bedtime.


Colin presented a weekly radio show for over a year.


Colin once received an ovation from 300 conference delegates just by asking a question from the floor.


Colin has been the subject of a two-page article in the matchday programme of Bath City Football Club.


Colin’s career has taken him to Belgium, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Switzerland.


Colin has always wanted to take part in Just A Minute on Radio 4.


Colin was once quoted as an expert by the Financial Times.


Colin has sung on the stage of The Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, and recorded in the Sun Studio, Memphis.


Colin has worked as a museum attendant, barman, labourer, soldier and security officer.


Colin can still manage a few phrases in French, German, Arabic and Greek.




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